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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 3, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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will you ignore it? or will you listen? peace corps. life is calling. how far will you go? . this is cbs5 eyewitness news. hello. thanks for joining us, i'm
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juliette goodrich. purses, jeans, shoes, all fake. today we're learning details of a major bust on counterfeit goods in the bay area. an mac oh vick is in san francisco to show us where these items have been sold. >> that's right. here are some of the examples, jewel net. the typical stuff you would see in stores and street corners but thousand it is evidence in an f.b.i. case. here is some of the video the feds took over the past few years, one of their busts at 8 stores in the fisherman's wharf area. immigration and customs enforcement provided thus footage, they said they nabbed, again, 8 stores in the past two years in the single largest case they have ever pursued against relaters on the west coast. they found a shipping container full of this stuff, 70,000 items, which led them to stores and storage spaces all over the bay area with more. theyest it would have been worth $100 million if it was
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real. all tolled 1 # people were arrested, store owners and clerks. they are facing 5 to 20 years in prison for trafficking or conspiring to traffic in counterfeit goods. >> oakley and union bark, counterfeiters don't pay corporate taxes, they don't pay legitimate wages, they don't invest in new products, new designs, new advertising, they don't employ americans. >> reporter: and we talked to some shoppers at fisherman's wharf to see what they think of products like this? >> sometimes there's like good knock office, bad knock office, so i guess you get the food ones. >> yeah, get the good ones. >> more power to you. >> it could be like harmful, why are you going to use something you don't really know about because it's cheaper. >> some of this stuff with the label on is far too expensive anyway. >> commercial activity. i think the police should taye
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care of other things. >> reporter: now if you end up in possession of one of these items the feds say you shouldn't worry, though it is technically a violation, they are not interested in pursuing people who own these goods. they say the main punishment is embarrassment, juliette. >> okay. good to know. all right. ann mac oh vick, an, thanks so much. negotiationstors for san jose and the firefighters union meet tomorrow afternoon in hopes of getting some firefighters back to work. 49 lost their job last week. the latest offer includes a two- tier retirement pay structure in which benefits would differ for newly hired employees but the firefighter's paris ducks offer remains at 5 1/4%, far short of what city leaders have been calling for. a-ra.c. transit drivers will not have to work under a new contract imposed by management. yesterday animal a immediate a county judge suspended the
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contract that went into effect last month. bus drivers were unhappy and ac transit has reported a higher rate of sick calls since the contract was imposed. now an arbitrator will help the two sides workout a contract. meanwhile, ac transit plans service cuts hater this month. the state is holding off on distributing federal grant money to low-achieving schools including many in the bay area. at issue is how the state education department prioritizes applications for federal school improvement grants. a total of $311 million is at teak steak, a number of school districts have complained about the process. for example, oakland's application for nearly $10 million for three schools was denied even ooh though those schools consistently performed poorly t state board of education is now reviewing how it decides what money goes where. and the new temporary trans bay terminal in san francisco is opening its doors to show commuters how to use the
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facility. while the terminal won't be ready for business until saturday, ac transit is holding an open house at 4:00 this afternoon, the facility is located at howard and main street. the $18 million terminal will operate for the next seven years while a new permanent terminal is built. have a ticket to fly to mexico? if it's on mexican a airlines you better check before heading to the airport. matt zeigler of kcbs radio shows us why the airline is canceling flights. >> reporter: we are here at mo net a international airport. behind me is mexican a airlines. mexican a has been canceling flights all over california in the last couple of days. the big question is why? an official sports person for the airline says due to operation needs these flights have been canceled. we're not sure what that means. but other news reports have
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indicated the airline is struggling financially and may soon file for bankruptcy. best idea, if you're flying mexicana, check before you get to the airport. i'm matt boeing letter at mo net a international. >> reporter: new full body scanners are going into use this afternoon at oakland international airport. they can pinpoint hidden explosives and other contraband. they will be in terminal 1 which serves alaska, delta and jetblue among other airlines. passengers who opt out of being scanned will have to be padded down. meg whitman is approaching the $100 million mark in governmental spending, they say her campaign has shelled out $99 million including 71 million for her june primary race. her democratic opponent on the november ballot, jerry brown, has spent $450,000. he had no major competition in the primary. brown has $23 million on hand,
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whitman has 10.3 million, the latest poll by the public policy institute of california shows brown leading whitman 37 to 34%. dancing redwood city. city hall speeches in oakland and a parade in east palo al to is all part of of national night out tonight. there's going to be hundreds of nights out. the first weekend in august is the first national night out. it gets people together with their neighbors to fight crime. at least nine people now dead following a workplace shooting just this morning. what police say the man was asked to do just moments before opening fire. ============b r e a k ======== . a newest of the amount of oil spilled in the gulf climbs in the worst-case scenario. i'm joel brown in venice, louisiana, the latest on the spill coming up. well we're seeing quite a bit of sunshine across the bay area the noon and here is why. it's called an eddie and it's
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sitting just off the coastline swirling there and it is just sucking all those clouds to the immediate coast and it is allowing us the opportunity to pick up a whole lot of sunshine pretty early in the day. we'll taye a look at your photographed highs forecasted highs and the cool-county coming later this week in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they were mall . [ yelling ] > ter filing moments for some volunteer firefighters in russia. they were driving to a mall village and caught in a fire storm. they tried to back up but hit another car. the ordeal lasted about 5 minutes before the driver managed to get away from the fire. more than half the holmes in the village have now been
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destroyed. and at least 9 people are now dead after a driver at a connecticut beer warehouse went on a shooting spree at work just this morning. the suspected gunman is among the dead. the shooter was reportedly being asked to rye sign and leave the coe. witnesses say workers were start to go load the trucks when the shooting started. there were as many as 70 people in the warehouse at the time. today crews hope to start pumping mudd into the blown- offed well in the gulf of mexico. as joel brown shows us there is a newest of the extent of the spill. >> reporter: scientists now say bp's blown-out well gushed more than 250 million gallons of oil. the calculation is close to the previous worst-case scenarioest. for the last 19 days the temporary cap has been able to hold babbling the oil but bp and the government want that well sealed for good. today, engineers hope to
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attempt the so-called static kill. yesterday a small leak delayed a key preliminary test. if crews can successfully complete it, they'll start pumping mudd down into the well. >> once we get zero pressure in the well from the static kill then there's an option to put some cement in from the top. >> reporter: the cement could permanently plug the well but admiral thad allen caused crews will still need to drill from the bottom. >> this won't tule be sealed until the relief wells are done. >> reporter: it can't come soon enough. those who make their living, charter bolt captains have lost this season, they are waitling for the next one? it's almost beyond impatience. >> we pass that months ago. we're 105, 106 days in, it's okay, well let's just get it done. >> captain chris callaway is optimistic they'll get the well sealed this month and that his customers will eventually return. >> let's get the clean-up process done and go back to fishing. >> reporter: if there aren't
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any more delays it's possible bp could complete the static kill later this week. joel brown, cbs news, venice, louisiana. senators began debate today on the woman who could be the next member of the supreme court. >> during testimony she made clear she will base her approach to deciding cases on the law and the institution, constitution, not on politics, not on i'd logical agenda. >> i think this is well known this is not a judge committed to restraint, objectivity. but believes in the power of judges to expand and advance the law and visions of what the judge may think is the best for america. >> it appears elena calgary an on track to be confirmed this week. she would become the 4th woman ever to sit on the high court. up next, you can't help but feel inspired when you hear her story. >> i just think my family needs
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. pinpoint weather is sponsored by pg&e. visit us at wecandothis. >> she said i could ask her
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about anything. i want to ask her about eddie. >> i went out with eddie. she is wagging me about eddie. >> we have an eddie on the bay area. eddie is off the coastline, that's the reason why most of the clouds around the bay have cleared out so eddie is going to do wonderful things for the bay area. >> oh good. >> thank god for eddie. >> yeah, thank god for eddie. here we are looking down at the coastline, plenty of sunshine in the south bay today with temperatures near 80 degrees. eddies off the coast have not cleared out. it is pushing and fulling most of those clouds i should say back to the immediate coastline but not expecting the coastline to clear out completely. so not a complete slam dunk. this is what we're expecting. inland today for the afternoon, sunshine, miles of warm temperatures ranging in the mid- 70s to lower 90s, around the bay a mix of sun and clouds, temperatures topping off at the mid-70s, for the closed line lingering coast tal fog but
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don't get too excited. areas of low clouds, also expecting the general same for conditions along the bay and also the same conditions for the coastline with a drizzle thrown in there, a little misting from time to time. here is a look at our visible satellite and it kind of shows it right here, you see that nice swirl? that is an eddie formed by a warm weather system and takes all those clouds and pulls them right to the coastline but then they are still hugging the coastline t bay will clear out well inland, clouds are again expected. now let's talk about your temperatures. we're coming off a july, one of the coolest in over 30 years, what about august? well we'll talk about the first week of august and, so far, close to normal for some but for many of you still well below average, normal daytime highs in san francisco 68. today 63. santa rosa 4 degrees below average, san jose 5 degrees below average, livermore not so bad, '09s when it typically feels like, today, 88. we'll taye a look at some other bay areas, san jose 89, 76
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redwood city, still some clouds along the coastline, temperatures averaging around 60 degrees, moving across the other side of the bay, 70s in union city, also in fremont. other locations, mid-60s in berkeley, 67 degrees in oakland, cross the ebay hills and temperatures '09 degrees in danville, 88 in san ramon, lower 90s, and north bay locations, not as warm as the east bay. temperatures in the upper 70s, santa rosa to petaluma, 70s in contentsville, again another cool day in san francisco at 63 degrees. our seven-day forecast, plenty of sunshine, expected inland. but taye a look at those temperatures. they are staying below normal as we cool down even more wednesday thuy monday. also got something going on, the a's versus the kansas city royals. we do have some celebs out there tomorrow and they are going to be serving uproot beer floats, i'm going to be doing the weather live there tomorrow. >> you're one of the celebs?
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>> i'm going to be there eating. >> double scoop it. >> all over it. >> okay. thank you. thank you eddie. all right. in our other story now, mental illness is a hidden disease. even though every family member is touched by it in one way or another. but this week students rising above may be a good lesson for all of us how to rice above it. >> any given day any time of day angie nault is working hard. she graduated with honors from the rug rouse international back laureate program at dan drew ho lath. how does she do all this? >> beats me. i don't know. >> we have a quiz tomorrow, i want to -- >> college-level courses are easy compared to her job at home. >> being able to study, it's a chance where i actually have control over everything. >> because so much of her life she has not had control. >> yeah. >> reporter: and angie has
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grown up helping her mom care for her disabled brother, feeding him by tubes -- >> feeding her brother and changing his diapers and saying "he is my best friend," truly giving to others and not being spite full for it. >> i think because of my brother i was more aware of things. now i think i've learned how to, like, give medicine and like learn about dosages and things like that when i was like maybe 6 or 7. >> reporter: she learned the words "autism" and"seizure," in english and ca my to translate for her mom. but it was because of her father she learned about schizophrenia and paranoia. >> sometimes we wouldn't be able to go out because my dad would be so scared for or family that someone was going to attack our family and things like that. >> reporter: the police took him away in a straightjacket. >> i remember when hi dad actually had to leave, like they had to get people to actually taye my dad out of our house, so it was really scary
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for me. >> reporter: an gee wanted to pity so at school she kept it all a secret. it took a special counsellor for her to tell her story. >> i didn't feel sorry for her and i didn't pity her, i more felt great add any ration for her because see was dealing with such tremendous challenges at home. with all of that she still was feeling congratulate tuesday and optimism and hope. >> that serious student became lighter, sat up straighter, there was a change. >> i felt really good. it just felt like a weight is lifted off and it just, it's all really good. her eyes sparkle more, she has been kind of reluctant. now she is "mr. e what we could try is ..." and it's fun. >> the whole story is telling angie we love her and believe in her and know she can do this is because she can and she will. >> i just think like my family needs something to be in right now. my job is to be that example and that, you know, despite our situation i can rise above it.
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>> reporter: students rising above helps kids like angie go to college, you can help change a student's life, by denis gauthier donate to go the scholarship fund, we have a link on our web site. we'll be right back. with my friends we'll do almost anything. out for drinks, i have very well fitting dentures. i like to eat a lot of fruits. love them all. the seal i get with the super poligrip free keeps the seeds from getting up underneath. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. a lot of things going on in my life and the last thing i want to be thinking about is my dentures. [ charlie ] try super poligrip free.
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